Kris Brinton

Full Stack Developer


The Watch Store
A website for a luxury watch boutique that allows watch collectors to buy and trade their vintage watches.

HTML | CSS | Javascript
Published | 2019

Bob's Photography
A page dedicated to photojournalism. Scroll through an amazing collection of photos from around the world.

HTML | CSS | Javascript
Published | 2019

My Background.

I come from a finance background, having little exposure to the world of development, I relied heavily on the guidance of Altcademy to help teach the skills neccessary to kickstart my coding journey. Upon graduating from the University of South Florida, I went to work in medical device sales where I stayed for two-years. I then found myself in the wonderful world of mortgage lending where I became a top producing loan officer, producing $1.5 million in sales per month.

I was born in Russia and moved to sunny Tampa, FL shortly after. Growing up in Florida exposed me to the wonders of nature and outdoor activities. That being said, I spend most of my free time running outside, playing soccer, and lounging on the beach. I am eager to grow my development skills and am ready to learn as much as possible!

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